Registration - 2024

Hi! Let me be the first to welcome you to our association. Whether you are a new member, or a veteran official rejoining us for another season, our goal has always been to provide the best-trained officials to the leagues and events we service.

There are perquisites to officiating that are normally required regardless of the sport, and Fastpitch Softball is no different.

New Members

  1. Join LACUA.
  2. Join USA Softball.
    • Register for USA Softball.
    • Complete the ‘SafeSport’ training.
  3. Acquire required uniforms/equipment
  4. Obtain the knowledge/guidance to be successful on the field.

Returning Members

  1. Click here for payment.

Current Registered Officials List

Our registration process is very simple… If you are new to LA Coastline, you will need to fill out our online registration form so we can obtain some basic information about you. This will help us introduce you to the game of Girls Fastpitch and get you started on the road to officiating.

Many of our officials that have passed through our association have gone on to become pillars within the Fastpitch Softball officiating community, and performed at the pinnacle of the sport, the WCWS.

A few things to consider when signing up are outlined below.

Sound like fun?

If you have already registered or are a current member of LA Coastline, you can click here to proceed directly to the payment page.

Physical & Mental Demands

You can expect to have normal physical demands.  As the levels of competitiveness increase, so will the physical and mental demands of the game.  There is an expectation of officials being just as active as the players on the field which includes jogging/running.  The games typically do not exceed 2hrs, but a typical game would consist of 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 hours long.

As part of officiating, knowledge is key.  The expectation is that the official will know the rules and understand the philosophies of how it is played.  The game at its core is similar to baseball, but in terms of speed and pace, they are completely different.  Visual acuity and observation is required to see pitches in the strike zone.  Handling confrontation by coaches is also a test of your mental stamina.

Training / Learning

LA Coastline Umpires Association is considered a top training resource in the Western US for first time officials to get them on the ground and working.   We have ongoing monthly round-tables, online quizzes, on field training to help guide you to be successful.

To be successful, learning the craft is imperative.  Just like the players that play this game and practice to enhance and elevate their skills, and we too strive to help all our officials be successful with a multitude of resources at your disposal.

Equipment / Uniform Requirements

Equipment and Uniforms are required for officials. Our primary target association audience is USA Softball, which has their own retail outlet for uniforms and equipment, OfficialGear. You are allowed to purchase your equipment from any source you wish, however, working in our general leagues contracted through LACUA, USA Uniforms are required. A list of the standard uniform is below with links to purchasing the items.

Standard USA Uniform requirements for Fastpitch Softball

Required USA Softball Items

  • USA Softball Officials Shirt (Lt. Blue, Navy, Pink for SoCal) – Order
  • USA Softball Cap/Hat – Order
  • USA Ball Bags – Order

Purchased from your own source or USA Softball.

  • Heather Grey Pants – Order
  • Black Belt(Non-Patton Leather Style) – Order
  • Socks & Black Plate/Base Shoes – Order
  • Black Turf Shoes – Order
  • Umpires Mask (Black w/black pads or Silver w/black pads) – Order
  • Chest Protector – Order
  • Athletic Cup(Male officials)

The initial cost of purchasing the above equipment is ~$400. Currently, the game fee is $50-$60 per game for ~1:30 game length. This investment can be covered in the span of 2-3 weekends of officiating.

LA Coastline also has some used equipment that can be purchased/provided should the initial costs be prohibitive to help get officials started. Contact Us for more information on this.

USA Softball Registration/Certification

LA Coastline Umpires encourages all officials to certify with USA Softball. As a minimum requirement to participate with our leagues, all officials must register with USA softball. The certification/registration requirements for each level are outlined on the local SoCal USA website.

With LA Coastline, new officials will be assigned a ‘mentor’ to help guide you to proficiency in officiating the sport. Expectations of what to expect and realistic goals can also be provided by your mentor.

LA Coastline membership requires that each member be registered with USA Softball. Their registration fee is set by the USA softball national office. You should receive a letter from the State UIC, Chris Drumm, along with a USA Softball registration form for 2023 and rules/field clinic fees. When available, you can also download the 2023 USA Softball registration form at USA Softball SoCal.

USA Softball dues should be mailed directly to the SoCal USA Softball PO Box. This information will be included in the letter from Chris Drumm, or you can bring your dues to the November or December round-table meetings, where USA Softball UIC James Walker can process it for you. Reminder, you will need to provide a photocopy of your driver’s license and the background check form required by USA Softball. Without this information, USA Softball cannot process your registration.

If you have any questions on processing your dues for LA Coastline or USA Softball, please contact the following people:

For LA Coastline: Steven Thompson (Treasurer) via email at Steven Thompson.

For USA Softball: Fred Mayrhofer (Central, District UIC) via email at Fred Mayrhofer or Tim Kohut (LA/SB, District UIC) via email at Tim Kohut.

USA Softball Registration Files

For more information, visit the umpires section of the ‘SoCal USA Softball’ website SoCal USA Softball Umpires.