News Category: USA Softball

  • USA Softball 2022 Rulebook

    USA Softball has released its rulebook online for download/printing. Please visit the following link to obtain.
  • USA Softball of SoCal Annual Clinics

    This year due to restrictions and availability of classrooms we have designed the LASB and the San Diego clinics for…
  • USA Central District Commissioner Passes

    With a heavy heart, we share the passing of USA Softball, Central District Commissioner, John Felicetti. John dedicated his life…
  • LACUA June Round-Table

    LA Coastline Umpires engaged in its first 'Round-Table' instructed by our Instructional Chair, Danny Winders, in months.  What was unique…
  • Local USA Umpire Accolades

    Every year during the yearly certification clinics, USA Softball of SoCal awards umpires with accolades about their performance throughout the…
  • USA Softball/LACUA Covid Update

    A brief meeting was held with members of LACUA and James Walker, LA/Southbay UIC for USA Softball. Unfortunately, the meeting…