LACUA June Round-Table

LA Coastline Umpires engaged in its first ‘Round-Table’ instructed by our Instructional Chair, Danny Winders, in months.  What was unique about this particular session is that it was done completely online!  We ended up having a max of 21 people at one point, and averaged about 17 throughout the meeting.  For a first attempt, we’ll deem this a success!  Especially since most of our Round-Table sessions we’ve had in the past normally only host ~10 people in a normal session.

June Round Table 1
June Round Table 2

In that we would have preferred to meet face-to-face, with our current environmental situation, this was a great way to still have face-time, even though it was virtual.  We had some good discussion, a visit by our USA Softball staff association member(James Walker III), and our glorious former President and co-founder, Debbie Lauderback.

Some documents have been attached that pertained to a our topic discussion surrounding USA Softball returning to play and the ‘required’ USA Softball waiver.  Please feel free to read the return to play to have some expectations of getting back on the field.  The USA Softball waiver document will be required to participate in any USA events going forward.  LA Coastline Umpires Association might also follow suit by issuing its own waiver for working league games that are assigned by our unit along with any specific ‘league’ requirements for working at said leagues.