What’s your goal?

I think that most umpires deep down wish at some point in their career, to work a big game..  The Women’s College World Series, a NFHS/CIF HS final, an ASA National, PGF National, etc.

Something that one could look back on their career, however long it is, and say, I accomplished that goal.   Many seasoned officials have experienced this to some extent or another, and look back with pride that they were one of the few selected to participate.

The top prize for Major League Baseball as an example, is the World Series. Many of these umpires have been working the game for well over 10-15+ years just in the Majors, and spent at minimum 10+ years working their way up through the minor league ranks.

Being offered a spot on a World Series Crew would I imagine tend to be a little like winning the lottery for someone who has the dedication/drive to ‘Get There’.

I think it’s a safe presumption that all the umpires that achieve that goal, have always given 100% of themselves to the games they officiate regardless of level.

What are some of your goals to improve your game.  Do you set short, medium, and long term goals?  Do you continue to critique yourself to improve, and escalate your credibility?

Comment below and let us know.